The Poverty of Not-Having

There is the poverty which lacks basic life necessities. Then there is the poverty which disentangles from getting. Freedom is found in disentanglement.

Addiction is a life of getting. As an obsessed person, look at the role of fear in your life of getting. It is not just that you are addicted to a substance. You are a slave to the anxiety of not-getting.

Acceptance of not-having relieves the anxiety of not-getting. Not-having is a kind of poverty. Actualize and be aware: voluntarily accept a poverty of not-having-my-addictive-substance or behavior. Voluntary poverty is a spiritual practice. There is a positive energy to the idea of voluntary poverty, that dissolves obsession as soon as you actualize the thought of poverty. Accepting this kind of poverty is a way to be obedient to the Life Within. This kind of obedience offers freedom for the soul to soar. In poverty you are free.

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  1. Shannon Brast says:

    Oh I love this one. The acceptance of not having relieves the anxiety of not getting. Needed to hear that right now. A little confirmation bias happening right now in my brain. Very interesting. Thank you Universe


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