Count down to marathon #44.

Next Saturday and Sunday is the big event for this area. No not Spring Break. No not the Houston Rodeo. But Seabrook Race Weekend. Races both days on the Seabrook trails; and the best swag evah.

I\’m going in a half marathon on Saturday and  full marathon on Sunday. A full marathon is 4 laps. I\’ll pass by this place 4 times before my hands go up in the air:

I didn\’t exactly taper this weekend. Yesterday I ran 14.1 miles plus 30 min of strength work. Today I ran 9.1 miles in the rain and then did 70 minutes of elliptical/ bike/ nordic track/ versa climber and rowing.

I feel great.

I also did some shopping. Somewhere during this week, I decided I wanted to make my own bread. So I consulted with a friend and today ordered a machine. It is not so much that I want to knead dough, but that I want to know what ingredients are in the bread and be separated from the bread industry.

I also bought a new hydro-pak. I love hydro-paks; but lately I\’ve also realized I don\’t like leaving wallets and phones in the car during races. And I like drinking protein laced sports drink; which I don\’t put in a bladder but a bottle in a front pocket. So a different type of pockets from my Nathan seemed in order. My old Nathan will still see plenty of usage on training weekends,

I am totally jazzed. Marathons: fuck yeah!


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