Put On Your Hachimaki ….

…. and face life.

This is a hachimaki head band. It is the one I have: fighting spirit

Life, as my ego sees it, is failure, disappointment, shame.

Life, as my spirit sees it, is fine.

My ego is totally fixated on what other people think of me. Plus thinking it is better than certain others.

So, put on your fighting spirit and walk out into the sunshine, thinking of service instead.

By Sri Chinmoy:
\”Always be grateful to your soul,
For it is your soul that has inspired you
And led you
To walk along the sunlit road of aspiration.\”

I get up at 3:40 every morning. I do a spiritual study. Then, I exercise. I exercise again in the evening. Sometimes, I don\’t really feel all that energetic; but as soon as I put on my Hachimaki, I feel great and ready. I get on one of my machines and away I go.


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